List of Services and Repairs

All services and repairs include our 55 point check up: We visibly inspect brakes, belt, hoses, suspension and steering system, vehicle lights, AC system, wiper blades and fluid leaks. We also perform a starting and charging test, check tire pressure and rotate as needed and test dive your vehicle before and after any repair or service. We perform this check up to ensure you are driving the safest, most reliable and durable vehicle possible. It is better to know about any potential problems before you experience a breakdown.


  • ABS Diagnosis & Repair
  • Air Conditioning
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Alignments
  • Axle Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Belts & Hoses
  • Brake Systems
  • Car Rental Service
  • Clutch Repair
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Electrical
  • Engines Replacement
  • Fuel Injection
  • General Repair & Maintenance
  • Ignition
  • Light Replacement
  • Oil Change
  • Power Items
  • Power Steering
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Rack & Pinion
  • Radiator Service
  • Shuttle Service
  • Smog/Emissions
  • Starters & Alternators
  • Suspension Work
  • Tire Pressure
  • Tire Rotation
  • Tune-Ups
  • Water Pumps
  • Wheel Alignment

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Air conditioning service and repair

Our ASE certified Technicians start with our basic AC service. We perform only the work you need and authorize.

  • Test for Freon leaks electronically
  • Adjust belt and tighten hose connections
  • Check service ports for failure and leaks
  • Check system pressure and vacuum
  • Add Freon and oil dye to compressor if needed.


Our Lifetime Brake service includes a premium set of brake pads, machining of rotors and full brake system inspection. Pads are warrantied for the life of your vehicle; labor is 12,000 miles or 12 months whichever comes first.

Brake fluid flush

Brakes work by creating friction to slow and stop a vehicle. This friction creates a substantial amount of heat, which in turn causes rapid oxidation of brake fluid. Deposits and varnishes form in the brake system causing serious brake system malfunction. We exchange the oxidized brake fluid with new brake fluid quickly and efficiently restoring brake function.

Coolant flush

Removes accumulated scale and corrosion from the radiator, water pump, engine block, heater core and thermostat ensuring your engine is being cooled the way it was designed to. BG Universal Super Cool conditioner is installed for ultimate protection and longer life.

Fuel injection service

This service cleans carbon deposits from fuel injectors, throttle body, plenum and air intake, intake valves and ports and removes combustion chamber deposits while restoring fuel economy, reducing environmentally damaging exhaust emissions, and making your engine run like new again.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

We review the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule with you. This way we ensure all the recommended maintenance services are covered which will help you to keep your vehicle running trouble-free for as long as you own your car.

Electrical, Computer and Engine Diagnostics

Today’s cars are complex machines with more computing power than the Apollo spacecraft that landed on the moon. At Doctor Auto we have the skills and tools required to properly diagnose and repair these complicated systems.

Oil Changes

Oil changes are an easy and cost effective way of prolonging the life of your engine.

We offer a variety of Oil change options

  • Basic (Replace oil and filter, top off all fluids)
  • Synthetic Blend (Good for high mileage vehicles)
  • Full synthetic (For new vehicles)

Power Steering flush

A cleaner fluid is added to dissolve and suspend varnish deposits from internal seals and components. The system is cleaned with specialized equipment that removes all old contaminated fluid and debris. Then the new fluid and conditioners are added to help reduce heat and friction while protecting vital system components.

Preventive Maintenance

Just like the oil in your engine, your other fluids need to be periodically replaced in order to prolong component life. Here are the preventive services you will need over the lifetime of your vehicle.

Pre-purchase inspections

A Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) is a detailed assessment by a qualified technician to determine the cosmetic, mechanical, and safety condition of a vehicle before completing the purchase. The intent of the PPI is to uncover existing conditions or to reveal maintenance shortcomings that may become potential safety or financial issues for the buyer in the future.


The steering components of your car, such as ball joints, tie rods, control arms and of course tires consist of rubber. Over time, rubber deteriorates and diminishes the accuracy of the steering system. Signs of this include unevenly worn tires, drifting and excessive play in the steering wheel.


The suspension system consists of shocks and struts. Their main purpose is to keep your vehicle’s tires firmly connected to the road. When shocks and struts get worn your car looses that firm connection to the road and its stopping ability is diminished. At Doctor Auto, we make sure all your Steering and Suspension components are working the way they were designed to ensuring you are driving a safe vehicle.

Smog Testing and Smog Repair

Doctor Auto is a fully licensed G2 smog repair center. If there’s any problem with your vehicle during your annual emissions test, we can fix the problem and get you going in a timely manner. Re-tests are always free.

Transmission fluid flush

Replaces all the old fluid in the valve body, torque converter, transmission pan and lines so the new fluid is not mixed with any leftover contaminated fluid. A special additive package offers seal protection, better gear lubricity and sludge inhibitors to keep your transmission shifting like new.


*Lifetime BG Protection Plan covers only components serviced by BG products. For complete details, ask your service advisor for a copy of the Protection Plan certificate.


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